What crypto wallet do you use and why?

I use Divi Wallet, which has entered the competitive market for mobile digital wallets offering cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. In this day and age, many other blockchain titles have offered their own mobile platform for storing and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies. Divi Wallet is a new medium for newcomers like me to confront and participate in activities within the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Divi project, along with its community and followers, is working non-stop with its revolutionary digital wallet that has a huge impact on the way people control their crypto and fiat currencies today. Divi’s own Divi Wallet offers a wide variety of options to welcome its customers and even outsiders to transfer, earn and exchange Divi, Bitcoin, Litecoin and even fiat currencies such as US dollars to euros to anyone at any time . The Divi team has collaborated with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Maya, Games Interactive, Using Oracles To Make Smart Contracts Smarter, Dragonchain, and Blockchain Center to create an ecosystem of developers that will generate comprehensive value for the digital economy.

Through Divi Wallet, I can carry out financial transactions online, either by sending or receiving money or assets directly within the wallet. They can easily install the Divi Wallet application with their respective mobile phones, allowing them to have 24x7 access to their accounts without being restricted by the traditional working hours system of centralized banks or financial institutions. Divi Wallet’s peer-to-peer atomic swapping capability allows you to transact and complete them in seconds. If you are curious or interested, you can now sign up for A Digital Wallet for a Digital World.

Not only is it a wallet on purpose, Divi Wallet also allows its users to earn regular rewards in Divi coin by supporting the Divi network. How does this work? First of all, Divi customers can earn Divi Coins by setting up a Divi Node in the cloud. These so-called “Masternodes” are computers that run a Divi wallet and perform utility functions for the network, such as storing metadata and processing special transactions. Users must secure a certain amount of Divi Coins to configure Masternode / s.

Another option to earn passively is through Staking, a process that Divi Wallet uses to validate transactions, granting its owners Divi coins. Staking does the job of verifying transactions and validating the credibility of those who are actively sending coins within the wallet. It is said to be the equivalent of Bitcoin’s proof of work: proof of stake and mining. Lastly, Divi customers can participate in Divi’s weekly lottery program. Eleven (11) winners are chosen to receive Divi Coins. Those who wager at least ten thousand (10,000) Divi Coin can participate in the weekly lottery.

Divi Wallet performance interface allows its users to get their crypto and fiat currencies and check their Divi earnings online with their participation in Staking, running Divi Masternodes and Lottery. Divi’s easy-to-use control panel makes it very easy for your users to navigate the application. Following the Divi project’s vision of making cryptocurrencies easier to use and understand, the Divi wallet is sure to be an understandable app that everyone can use without the need to become a tech geek or a trading expert.

Another cool feature that will also be available soon along with the Divi Wallet launch is the Divi card. The Divi card is a Visa / Mastercard debit card that Divi customers can use for their financial transactions. This card can be funded with crypto balances within the user’s Divi Wallet. This technological innovation is really remarkable, considering that debit cards are means of payment commonly accepted worldwide for the purchase. Thanks to the Divi card, Divi Wallet holders now have the ability to use their crypto assets to directly buy something they want, without the need for tedious and expensive currency conversions.

“A digital wallet for a digital world”. As today’s commerce and investments slowly adapt and rely on the use of online platforms, the launch of Divi Wallet is playing a critical role in promoting and empowering the world’s transition to digital. More and more people will learn the importance of making transactions faster and more secure, they will ignite the value of cryptocurrencies and their ability to change and revolutionize the stagnant flow of traditional paper money.




Hijo de Dios, docente, ingeniero, cocinero y aprendiendo de criptomonedas

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Joao Chávez

Joao Chávez

Hijo de Dios, docente, ingeniero, cocinero y aprendiendo de criptomonedas

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