Together and Scrambled

The best creations, projects, and ventures have emerged when people collaborate. When there are a common goal and a group of diverse people with different gifts, a community is created. Being a part of it generates a stronger motivation in people because the feeling of belonging is a great motivator to produce things of value. Companies that transcend have done so because of strong teams. Battles are won together and following common strategies.

Today, in the virtual world the community is everything. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or eBay are examples of platforms that without community would be nothing. In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the community is a fundamental part of success, which is that the whole concept of decentralization makes sense when the group is active and brings knowledge to the common good.

One of the fundamental factors when selecting a cryptocurrency to invest our money in is knowing what its community is like and what project supports it, and from there we will know the product, its use cases, its developments, its associations, etc.

I have lived in my own experience what it is like to belong to a cohesive cryptocommunity, as is the $DIVI community from Divi Project. This is an active community, made up of a user base that understands the concept of the project and the need to adopt it. Divi Project slogan is “Crypto Made Easy” and the entire community is focused on making sure that motto becomes a reality.

$DIVI is a proof of stake blockchain with the main focus of making using the cryptocurrency easy for everyone who is using its smart wallet and its masternode one-click cloud installer (MOCCI)). In line with this, $DIVI employs simplified approaches for common people to understand, navigate, and use cryptocurrencies. It also offers cheap, fast, and secure transactions for novices. The use case of the $DIVI cryptocurrency is to function as a currency. And all this ultimately translates into an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency in the market.

To this end, $DIVI is creating an e-commerce platform called, Divi Mall, where users can use their $DIVI to purchase items. DIVI Syrup is the first of these stores, in addition to maple butter, and other products. Also, with $DIVI you can buy unisex costumes at Your use cases are spread to other platforms such as PolisPay and Flits for different types of gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, PSN, etc.) and Digishost for VPS services.

There is a saying that in Spanish says: “Juntos, pero no revueltos” (“Together, but not scrambled”), to express when a group of people is forced to perform some task together physically, but in reality, they do not want to be so because they are not integrated by having very little in common. That is not the spirit in crypto communities, for we must, and want, be together and scrambled.

In $DIVI we create a community together, where we express our doubts, and share our knowledge, and are involved in a project that improves the financial ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the achievement of achieving the financial freedom of each of its members.

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